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Summer 2021 is Near: Here Are 3 Workout Programs To Prepare Your Body

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Although we are still in the midst of a pandemic, this upcoming summer is looking to be promising. Now is the perfect time to drop those few extra pounds or tone up. Below are three fitness programs you can follow to get back into shape.

Joie In Life Sculpt

Joie Chavis (@joiechavis) is literal fitness goals. If you follow her on Instagram then you are used to seeing her regularly slay workouts. Luckily for us, she has constructed a killer fitness program. JNL Sculpt is a 4 week program that is designed to help you slim down, tone, and sculpt your body. If you're interested, the program can be found here.

JNL Sculpt includes:

- Grocery Shopping List

- Healthy Eating Guide

- At Home Workouts

- A discount for the equipment needed

Keaira Lashae: New Year, New Challenge

@KeaireLashae is a fitness instructor who packs a mean punch. Her workouts will definitely whip you into shape. The New Year, New Challenge offers an amazing opportunity to challenge your mind, body and spirit. The next challenge starts April 2020 so you have plenty of time to get prepared. Join here.

The New Year Challenge includes:

  1. 30 day program designed for maximum results

  2. Effective, Flexible Nutrition Plan

  3. Private, Supportive Facebook Group Community

  4. 12-25 minute workouts designed for home use.

Brittne Babe: 21 Day Challenge

@BrittneBabe or "The Queen of Home Workouts" is a fitness powerhouse. If you've been following along on her Youtube then you're aware of her powerful finesse. The 21 Day Challenge is a total body program designed for for ALL fitness levels. It is offered several times a year at a great value. Click here to sign up.

The 21 Day Challenge Includes:

- 3 week training program

- A Nutrition Book

- A chance to win a cash prize $$$

- Access to a private Facebook Members Only Group

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